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About Hawaii Casting-On-Demand

You know that couple sitting out by the beach with an umbrella drink in a scene in Hawaii Five-0? That could have been you and your partner. Imagine just lounging like a visitor and getting paid for it! That’s what being an Extra is. And, all you have to do is click on the Sign-Up link below. Hawaii Casting-on-Demand does the rest.

Think of all the stars who started out as movie extras, not saying a word! Picture Sylvester Stallone as a mugger or a patron of a disco club. He was both. Phil Collins played a preppie guy at a party and was in a crowd scene cheering and screaming for the Beatles. Renee Zellweger hung out in the background as one of the girls. Bruce Willis started his career in film as an Extra in a courtroom scene. Even Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were Extras. Watch Field of Dreams again and see if you can find them in the Fenway Park scenes.

TV, films, commercials – they all use Extras and we are Hawaii’s Experts in casting you in the appropriate part.

Cedric Hardwicke, Theatre Arts, 1958

Good actors are good because of the things they can tell us WITHOUT TALKING.

Our Team

Johanna Bautista leads Hawaii Casting-on-Demand’s experienced casting team.  Often there are productions for TV, movies, commercials and print ads going on throughout Hawaii. It is Hawaii Casting-on-Demand that is called upon to provide the extras – the people with special abilities – dancers, beachgoers, HPD, SWAT, military personnel and character types. There are always interesting roles to cast and we are constantly searching for specific talents and looks..

This is where YOU come in. In order for Hawaii Casting-on-Demand to fill a role for an extra in film, TV or print media, a potential Extra must first be registered with Hawaii Casting-on-Demand. You never know when you may be the exact type we need. (Please check the Q&A section LINK on this site for all the information you need to become an Extra.)

Johanna Bautista

Extras Casting Director

Samantha Meno

Extras Casting Assistant


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