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Aloha !!!!! My name is Lisa Romano and for the last eight years I have had the honor and amazing fun of playing a policewoman on the hit show Hawaii 50!!!! For anyone just getting into show business or for all of you performers thinking of working on the show do it!!!! Where else do you get paid to have fun and support a hit prime time show? The girls in the casting office are so supportive and it feels like Christmas every time I get a call for work!!! I'm so grateful for all the work and the respect they show every person hired !! So if being a part of a hit T V show is on your bucket list just attend the next open call or sign up on the website!! And Action!!!! See you on the set!

Lisa Romano

Even after 12 years... it's still a thrill to step out of my daily grind, zip up my wardrobe , and become a background character in the fabricated world of a TV show or movie. It's a fun way to contribute just a little bit to what I call, " movie magic." Working as a stand-in is even more interesting. It's an educational, strenious, glamourless job often with long hours. It requires attention to details and commitment. I am fortunate to have a flexible work schedule that allows me to participate in local film projects as an "Extra".

Angel Kay Uherek

I submitted a picture of me looking like Carol Burnett and got the job as her stand in and photo double for 3 seasons! Best job ever! A once in a lifetime experience! Mahalo to Hawaii Five 0 Casting!

Sally Davis Kaniho

I have worked on Hawaii Five 0 as a background actor and stand-in since Season One.  In that time I've played everything from a Navy Seal to a Yakuza to a bodyguard. During Season Four I was asked to play SWAT on a regular basis and I continue to do so. This experience has opened new doors for me from a career standpoint and I am looking forward to learning growing as an actor & stunt man.

James Burghardt


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About Us


Johanna Bautista leads Casting-on- Demand’s experienced casting team. Since 2010, she has served as the casting director for Hawaii Five-O productions and is currently casting extras for the new ABC project, Inhumans. Often there are camera shoots for TV pilots and commercials and print ads going on throughout Hawaii. It is Casting-on- Demand that is called upon to provide the extras for beachgoers, shoppers, visitors, unique looks, etc.
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Booked. Now What?

What you need to know once you are booked:

  1. Please make sure you are available for the entire day and into the evening, if required. Unless you have an emergency, please do not cancel. If you have to cancel, you must call the office IMMEDIATELY. It is extremely difficult to replace someone especially if you cancel at the very last minute.
  2.  You will receive an email the day before your filming date with all of the information you will need. It will include your PRELIM call time, location, wardrobe and hair/make-up notes. This is usually sent out between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  3.  You must call or send a reply email to confirm that you received and understood everything in the email by 4 p.m.  If you have any questions, this is the best time to address them.
  4.  Always make sure to call the HOTLINE number after 9 p.m. the night before your work date.  This is to get your FINAL call time. The prelim call time given to you during the day often changes, so it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to call.

           HOTLINE #: 808-489-0099.

  1.  VERY IMPORTANT: In order to get paid, you are required to fill out a I-9 and bring VALID IDs on your first day of work.

         OPTION A: Valid USA Passport (NOT expired) OR permanent resident card.
         OPTION B: Driver’s License/State ID/Military ID PLUS (+) Social Security Card
         OPTION C: Driver’s License/State ID/Military ID PLUS (+) Copy of Birth Certificate.

         Click here to see other acceptable documents (Attached I-9 form)

You are only required to fill out the I-9 form once – on your first day of work.

EARLY NOTIFICATION:  Work Visas must be approved by the accounting department before your workday begins. 4-5 days process required.

Pay and Rates

Currently, the SAG-AFTRA union rate for extras is $171 for up to 8 hours. For nonunion, it is $75 and up for up to 8 hours. (Rates vary for nonunion depending on the production company for which we are working.)

Work hours are typically up to 12 hours.

On your workday, upon check in, you will be given a voucher to fill out. Be sure to keep your copy that will be given to you at the end of your workday. This is very important as it is your proof that you worked. If you have not received your paycheck within 2-3 weeks, call the number located at the bottom of the voucher to check the status of your check.

Hawaii casting on demand is not the employer.  If you have not received your paycheck within 2-3 weeks, call the payroll number located at the bottom of the voucher to check the status of your check. The payroll company is also the employer. If you need to file for unemployment, please use the payroll company’s name NOT Hawaii casting-on-demand.

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